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Large Size - 150ml



You can’t get much more pure and straight from nature than this for your skin. Equal parts Oils and Beeswax with healing Coconut oil, Soy Bean oil can aid skin hydration and with a hint of essential oils for the added relief of inflammation and its disinfecting properties. (Lavender & Lemon)


The simple ingredients make it gentle enough for kids, toddlers and older babies too. What is a Lotion Bar? A lotion bar is a solid moisturiser. It bears resemblance to a soap bar, but it functions as a lotion. Lotion bars stay solid as long as they are kept at room temperature or lower. They're activated by body heat and can be used anywhere on the body.


• Some People do use them in the shower too but they will wear quicker and wash off. Best to use just after remember Its not a soap but can help with your moisturising routine.

• Great for filling, soothing and healing those unsightly cracks in your tired heels too.

• Lotion Bar is removable from tin for ease of application. If warm recommend to put in fridge for a few hours first, give it a gentle tap to release.


Thank you for choosing to purchase this NZ-made product. We use only natural, simple, pure and sustainable sourced ingredients, definitely No petroleum, palm tree oils or other harsh chemicals. Which means good for you and good for the planet.

Dreamy Large Size - Coconut Lotion Bar

SKU: P3.150
  • Ingredients Coconut il, Soy Bean Oil, NZ Beeswax, Lavender & Lemon Essential Oils, Microcare PEHG. 

    Allergen - Bee Pollen

    External Use Only. Products are natural and affected by the temperature. Keep out of the sun.

    Usage You just need to rub the bar on your skin until it’s warm and then apply like lotion.

  • If you are not fully satisfied with any of our NZ Beeswax products, contact us within 15 days of purchase, and we will replace them or if you prefer refund you in full.

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