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Mid Size 70ml

Can be used for;

Nappy or Diaper Cream with 

Fungal Anti-Chaffing

Tramping rubbing sores & skin sweat rashes


Using high quality Shea butter, Coconut oil and locally supplied beeswax with zinc oxide, witch hazel, and calendula. All blended to form a super smooth textured cream.


Shea butter is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory kills yeast based rashes and promotes cell regeneration and improved collagen production, which can help heal diaper rashes quickly and safely. Skin-improving coconut oil helps to soothe swelling and burning as well as reduce redness and itching. With natural beeswax is amazing for moisturising while preventing bacteria growth.

Witch hazel provides the comfort of minimising redness and swelling, while reducing irritation, which your baby will appreciate! Calendula oil is anti-inflammatory linoleic acid, which helps reduce further irritation from diaper rash as well as possibly preventing it in the first place. Zinc oxide repels moisture, keeping it away from your baby’s bottom. 




Use after every change to ensure diaper rash is kept at bay.
If affected, wash area with mild soap prior and dry thoroughly. Apply Nappy/Diaper cream to the cheeks of the buttocks, where direct contact with the diaper occurs. It may also be helpful to apply cream between the cheeks of the buttocks and cover rash.

Diaper creams are meant to go on thick — however, you can get away with using less on a day-to-day basis and increasing the thickness when your child’s bum needs extra care.


Warnings- Always check with your doctor if unsure cause of rashes. Nappy creams can stain clothing. Do not use if known allergic to ingredients.


General Usage

NB. From my tramping friends also told it's great to stop chaffing..

Use clean finger to rub and cover areas with cream to help stop future and relief existing sore patches.




Pamper Mid Size - Nappy, Anti-Chaffing and Fungal Cream

SKU: P1.070
  • Ingredients Coconut oil, Shea butter, Beeswax & Calendula Oil, Microcare PEHG. With Witch Hazel & Zinc Oxide Powder

    Allergen - Bee Pollen

    External Use Only. Products are natural and affected by the temperature. Keep out of the sun.

    Apply to treatment area with clean finger and reapply as needed.

  • If you are not fully satisfied with any of our NZ Beeswax products, contact us within 15 days of purchase, and we will replace them or if you prefer refund you in full.

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